Hair Loss Solutions in Brisbane

Luxury Hair Extensions Brisbane

Looking to get amazing, top-quality hair extensions in Brisbane? Tango Hair Loss Clinic provides a number of hair-related services, one of which is hair extension application. Our professional team is passionate about hair and can’t wait to give you a hair makeover!

Having thin, wispy hair can really knock your confidence and even make you look older than you are. Hair extensions are the perfect solution to combat thinning hair, but can also be used by people who just want to have longer and fuller locks. Our stunning, top-quality hair extensions will do wonders for your overall look.

We Use High Quality, Luxia Artiss Hair Extensions

We work exclusively with the beautiful hair extensions produced by Luxia Artiss. We make the Parisian brand’s hair extensions available for you right here, in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

The brand is well known and respected, and all the hair is ethically sourced. The product contains 100% European hair and the brand has been worn by A-list celebrities like Kendall Jenner! Luxia Artiss is seen as a trailblazer in the hair extension industry and is definitely one of the very best brands in the world.

The extensions that we use come in three different lengths (30cm, 40cm or 50cm) and come in a variety of colours, perfect for any look you’re going for!


The Advantages of Our Hair Extensions

Apart from looking absolutely fantastic, our quality hair extensions come with a range of additional benefits, including:
  • They last for 4-6 months, which is a longer lifespan than most other brands
  •    Little maintenance is required
  •    100% human hair that is of superior quality
  •    Unnoticeable attachments- they look like your real hair!
  •    Require the same hair care routine as your normal hair


Book a Consultation

If you’re still unsure whether or not hair extensions are for you, why not book a consultation?

Our experts at Tango Hair Loss Clinic in Brisbane can advise the ideal option for you and your hair, all in a one-on-one setting in a private room. You’ll be able to see our amazing products for yourself.

Allow our professionals to apply hair extensions for you, and you’ll be turning heads with your long, natural-looking locks. Call us to book your consultation today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

Some hair extensions can damage hair. Clip-in extensions can cause spot hair loss if worn for long periods of time, as they can continually rub on the scalp. Other methods, such as tape or hook, are less likely to cause hair loss but it is still possible.

What type of extensions are best for thin hair?

The best type of hair extensions for thin hair are currently tape extensions. They are bonded to natural hair row by row, meaning there does not need to be a thick bundle of hair for them to be attached to.