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Your Expert Hair Loss Treatment in Brisbane is Moving!

If you’re a regular at Tango Hair Loss Clinic, you might already know that it’s our final month in our Ashgrove salon, because in November we’ll be moving to a new, beautiful salon on Logan Road in Underwood!What will this move mean?Moving salons will mean that the Tango Hair Loss team is better able to meet your needs and help you feel fresh and confident. We’re hoping to continue working out of the Ashgrove salon until the new ...
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Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Pieces in Brisbane

If you’re at a point in your hair loss that you’re looking at getting a hair piece, such as a topper, toupee or wig, you probably have some questions. During this initial research stage, it’s great to have a look online, but make sure you get personalised advice from a hair loss expert to make sure you’re getting the right hair piece and not doing any further damage. So, what are some commonly asked questions about hair ...
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Women’s Hair Loss Causes & Treatment In Brisbane

As a woman, beginning to lose your hair can be very traumatic. There’s a range of emotions that you might experience,including confusion, fear, and anxiety. These are very common, and often accompanied by feelings of helplessness. At Tango Hair Loss, we understand what you’re going through. Hair loss can be caused by, or seen in combination with, highs and lows in nutrition, or changes in medicines. Age can be a contributing factor to your hair loss, but ...
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6 Facts You May Not Know About Hair Loss

Having a full head of hair is often considered in society as the peak of youth and health. In fact, a healthy head of hair is as important to both men and women in different ways. But what would happen if you started to lose your hair? Hair loss has been shown to be a significant contributor to low self confidence and can significantly impact quality of life. With that in mind, hair loss isn’t as devastating ...
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