Hair is one of the many aspects of our appearance that we take pride in presenting to the world. So when you start to lose your hair, it can deliver a blow to your self esteem. If this has happened to you, but you’re not yet in a place where you’re able to see a specialist due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, trying natural remedies to regrow hair at home can be a great start.


That’s why we’ve compiled these few tips to start you on your way to naturally regrowing hair.


Treating female hair loss in Brisbane can boost confidence and self esteem1) Reduce Stress

It’s widely believed that extreme or continued stress can be a contributing factor in hair loss. Reducing your stress can be a great way to retain the hair you have and encourage the hair follicles to start growing again. Though this can be easier said and done during this influx of information, practices like yoga or meditation are great ways to start reducing stress. 

As well as reducing general stress in your life, this can include reducing stress on your scalp. When we wear high, tight hairstyles such as ponytails or buns, or toppers and hair pieces every day, you can place a lot of stress on your scalp. Wearing your hair naturally for long periods will help ease this stress and encourage hair growth.


2) Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp is a great way to reinvigorate your hair follicles. It can also potentially help increase the thickness of your hair. We recommend doing this when you’re applying conditioner in the shower. Or, include scalp massage as an additional part of your routine with hair oil or masks. 

A scalp massage can also work well with the first tip of reducing stress. Taking the time out of your day to give yourself a scalp massage, with a few calming breaths, can really help your stress levels.

3) Try Over-the-counter Shampoos

When you notice that you’re starting to lose your hair, try using hair regrowth shampoo and conditioner, as well as the other two methods. These are available in most chemists, or you can talk to a hair loss specialist to get one that’s best suited to your needs.

Hair loss shampoos and conditioners aren’t as powerful as a treatment you might receive in a specialist salon, so you may need to continue using them for longer to see any sort of result. 

The most important aspect of natural hair regrowth at home is to develop a plan and then stick to it. Only with dedication will you begin to see a difference. Take the time each day to relax and practice self-care to give your hair the best chance at regrowing naturally.

If you don’t see any results from these methods, make sure you contact the team at Tango Hair Loss Clinic for a personalised chat in one of our private, regularly-satinised consultation rooms. We’re operating as normal during COVID-19, with increased cleanliness and social distancing measures in the salon.

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