If you’re experiencing the beginning of hair loss, and feeling embarrassed or ashamed, you’re not alone. Hair has become somewhat of a status symbol in society, and to that end you might be worried about the stigma of losing your hair, but also you might not want to visit a hair loss salon and risk someone seeing you.

It makes sense that you would then turn to buying hair loss treatments online.

The treatments available online are often generic, one-size-fits-all regrowth treatments that don’t take into account your personal circumstances. We understand the appeal of having these delivered straight to your door and then being able to complete treatment in the privacy of your own home.

What are the benefits of in-person versus online hair loss treatment?

Hair loss is caused by a variety of factors, but unless you talk to a hair loss specialist, you won’t get to the underlying reason you might be losing your hair. At Tango Hair Loss Clinic, we take the time to understand your life and the factors that could be contributing to your hair loss.

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We also recommend a personalised hair loss treatment program targeted at your type of hair loss that has the best chance of giving you full, lush hair.

Plus, we also have a range of hair systems and wigs that we can recommend in the event that the regrowth program doesn’t work. These are completely natural looking and can be styled to match your existing hair – whereas if you simply ordered a wig online, it wouldn’t look as natural. 

While buying hair loss treatments online can be convenient and a great place to start, it’s always best to get the opinion of a professional hair loss expert. You’ll benefit from years of experience helping people overcome their hair loss and gain back their confidence.


Get in touch with the team at Tango Hair Loss Clinic for a confidential consultation in our private rooms to start your hair loss treatment today.

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