3 Key Reasons For Ongoing Hair Loss Treatment

Did you know that many hair loss treatments are not simply a one-time solution? Quite often, these are ongoing treatment programs that require you to be seen by a professional periodically. Our team has the experience to handle ongoing hair loss treatment programs, from maintenance of simple hair pieces to the aftercare of a more serious procedure such as SMP or hair loss transplant surgeries.

Why see your hair loss specialist periodically?

Well there are a few reasons, ranging in severity. Your hair loss specialist will explain how often you will need to see them and what the potential consequences are for not maintaining your hair loss treatment. 

While there can be many reasons for ongoing hair loss appointments, here are the three key reasons:

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Your Remaining Hair Will Still Be Growing

Depending on the type of hair loss treatment you’re undergoing, you may need to have your existing hair treated or trimmed to maintain the seamless look with your hair piece. This is largely the least pressing reason to see your hair loss specialist regularly, but still important in terms of your confidence when it comes to your hair. 

Your Scalp Needs To Breathe

Wearing a hairpiece or topper constantly means that your scalp is not exposed to the iar as it normally would be, which can cause dermatological issues. Additionally, while the hair piece or topper is on, it’s very difficult to wash your scalp properly, leading to a build up of dirt. A periodic visit to your hair loss specialist can ensure that once the hair piece is removed, your hair and scalp are cleaned properly before the hairpiece is reinstalled so that your hair and scalp continue to look and feel healthy and fresh.

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You May Have A Reaction To The Adhesive

The adhesives used to attach hair pieces and toppers are harmless, when used properly and care instructions are followed. This includes how long before the adhesive needs to be removed before it begins to irritate your scalp. If you’re using a hair loss treatment option that requires adhesive, it’s important that you see your hair loss specialist periodically to ensure your scalp is healthy and no adverse reactions are forming. This was particularly difficult for clients through COVID-19, when lockdowns were disrupting business hours and clients ability to visit the salon.

Why See Tango Hair Loss Clinic For Your Ongoing Hair Loss Treatment?

At Tango Hair Loss Clinic, our hair loss specialists have been in the industry for many years, and undergo continual training and education to ensure we remain at the forefront of hair loss techniques. Our goal is to help you live confident lives by coordinating your hair loss treatment program and ensuring the best outcomes. We help create a personalised program that will not only give you a great result but ensure your existing hair and scalp remain healthy. 

For more information or a chat in one of our private consultation rooms, contact us today.

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