Hair loss is a major source of self esteem issues for both men and women. A lot of emphasis is placed on having a full head of healthy hair in today’s society, so not chiving that ‘ideal standard’ can be tough.

However, there are a few ways to minimise or stop your hair falling out, such as:


Treating female hair loss in Brisbane can boost confidence and self esteem

Changing your diet

Poor diets that are lacking in nutrients, such as iron, protein, and vitamin B will hamper the production of keratin, which can cause hair to lose strength and be more likely to fall out. Having too little, or even too much, of these key nutrients can play a significant role in your hair loss.

Certain foods can also contain certain components that have been known to worsen hair loss. Fish products, such as tuna, that may contain mercury have been linked to hair loss and hair weakness. Similarly, sugar can cause certain male hormones to be overproduced, which can lead to the hair follicles reducing in size and preventing growth.

Changing your diet can have a significant effect on the way your hair grows, and can be as simple as reducing or cutting out some things from what you eat.


Be mindful of your body

Triggers such as physical or emotional trauma, or even sudden weight loss,can take its toll on the body and be manifested as hair loss. Hair loss due to stress is also a common occurrence, though is more typical in females and is thought to last for only 3-6 months.

It’s therefore important to be mindful of your body and to ensure that you’re taking care of it with exercise. Spending time engaging in meditation or other relaxation exercises to reduce stress can also help reduce hair loss.


Adjusting your medication

It’s unfortunate that often, the medications we need to solve or regulate medical conditions in other areas of our lives also contribute to hair loss. The side effects of these medications aren’t a surprise, but it can be difficult to know if you’ll experience it – or how it will affect you – until it does. 

In some cases, however, it’s the opposite. Hair loss, for example, can be one of the first signs of hyperthyroidism in men, so in these cases medication for this condition may help the process of hair growth to resume.

In both cases, it can be helpful to talk to your doctor about the medication, and see if there’s an alternative medication or treatment that you’re able to try.


Maintaining different hairstyles

For a lot of people, most commonly women, the different hair styles (such as tight, high ponytails, tight braids, and so on) that you wear can create pressure on the hair follicles and lead to a damaged scalp. Additionally, the types of products you use for styling and washing can contain chemicals that lead to breakage and hair thinning.

It’s important to wear your hair out to ease this tension and allow the scalp to recover from any damage. It can also be beneficial to use natural hair-strengthening or hair growth products to give your scalp a gentle massage.

For advice, assistance, or treatment of your hair loss, make sure you get in touch with the team from Tango Hair Loss Clinic today.

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