Hair loss and thinning can be quite upsetting, no matter the reason behind it. It can be hard to take in the loss of such a large part of your self image. Here at Tango Hair Loss Clinic, we can help you cope with and strategise a plan to reduce hair loss and thinning. 

Losing your hair can be incredibly stressful, and you may worry about how other people are going to perceive you if they find out. It’s important to remember that losing your hair is nothing to be ashamed of, even as you take steps to achieve a full head of hair again.

So what are some of our tips to help with hair loss or thinning?

  • Use gentle hair products

These can include baby shampoos and specialised hair treatment shampoos. In a similar vein, make sure you’re brushing or combing gently so you don’t agitate your scalp.

how to cope with hair loss
  • Avoid altering your hair

Tools like hair dryers, curling tongs, and straighteners can damage thinning hair and exacerbate your hair loss. We would also not recommend avoiding perms or hair colouring, as these are likely to not take in thinner hair, but also increase the chance of damaging your hair. 


  • Consult a hair loss professional 

A hair loss professional like the team here at Tango Hair Loss Clinic will be able to evaluate your situation and offer a customised plan moving forward to address your specific concerns. This also allows us to help you achieve your goals and gain back your self confidence.

Depending on what’s needed, we can recommend several avenues moving forward, including hair pieces, wigs, and even regrowth treatment.

If you’re experiencing hair loss problems and need to speak to a professional about your options, make sure you get in touch with the team at Tango Hair Loss Clinic. We understand your concerns about your hair and we offer consultations in our private rooms to ensure you’re completely at ease throughout the whole process. Call us today to discuss your hair loss needs.

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