Cleaning ToupeeMale pattern baldness and alopecia will impact at least 1 in 5 Australian men in their twenties. This figure will increase, with the condition affecting 1 in 3 men in their thirties, and 50% of men in their forties. While some men embrace baldness, others still want a full head of hair.

Luckily hair replacement toupees and hairpieces (toupees from here on) can instantly improve your appearance, while long-term hair restoration treatments provide a permanent solution. If you’re interested in the first option, you’ll know that high-quality toupees aren’t cheap, which is why you should know how to look after them. As expert technicians, we’d love to offer you some advice on maintaining your remaining hair, naturally integrating it with a toupee, as well as what products to choose for cleaning and conditioning it. Read on to find out more!

Is a toupee and or hairpiece for you?

Have you considered and maybe dismissed wearing a toupee due to the way you think it’ll look? Unnatural looking toupees are a thing of the past and you can now choose between dozens of human and synthetic ones that fit so well, almost no one will be able to tell the difference.

Generally speaking, toupees that are made from genuine human hair and are put together by hand tend to look much more natural. This type of hairpiece will likely cost a bit more, but it’s well worth the price, as the end product is customised and measured to your unique hair colour, texture, volume, and cut. This means it will seamlessly blend in with your remaining hair and will also last longer – provided you take proper care of it.

What do I need to know about wearing a toupee?

In general, toupees are better suited to those who spend their days stationary or indoors. If you’re a very sporty or active person who spends their time outdoors in the wind and rain, you’ll find wearing (and maintaining) one a little more challenging.  When deciding on the right toupee for your needs our expert consultants can advise you on the best type, treatment and care of your toupee.

Many men are unaware that wearing a toupee doesn’t involve plopping it on your head and going about your day. To keep it in place so you can move about with confidence, you’ll need a number of accessories like wig caps, grip bands made of mesh and metal clips and scalp and hair adhesives.

Hair Replacement Brisbane, Toupees Brisbane, Hair Pieces BrisbaneThe specific type of accessory you’ll need will depend on the extent and type of your hair loss and it’s crucial that you use your accessories as instructed to keep your toupee looking and feeling natural. The proper use of accessories will also ensure your head remains free from uncomfortable pressure and pain while wearing your headpiece.

How can I best maintain my toupee?

There are no hard and fast rules for how long a toupee or hairpiece will last. While the lifestyle factors and quality of the item will have an impact on longevity, your day to day toupee maintenance, cleaning and conditioning routine will make the biggest difference. Here’s what you should be doing to keep yours in good shape.

  • Use the right products – about once a week, wash your hairpiece or toupee using the recommended shampoo. If you didn’t receive any recommendations, we suggest using salon quality, pH neutral shampoos and conditioners with moisturising qualities. Avoid products with alcohol. Also, be sure to clean the toupee’s underside (that lies on your skin) with a gentle application of antibacterial soap.
  • Be gentle. Any tangles should be brushed out before wetting your hairpiece. Be sure to only use a wide tooth, soft edged comb and when you’re washing, use lukewarm water. Gently massage cleansers and conditioners into the hairpiece, but don’t leave it to soak.
  • When you’re finished washing your hairpiece, don’t squeeze or twist it to get the excess water out. Rather use a towel wrap, but take care not to rub your hairpiece.
  • Give it time and let your hairpiece or toupee air dry. To keep it in shape, it’s best to do this using a mannequin or Styrofoam head.
  • Avoid using styling products, but if you must, keep these products concentrated at the ends of the hairpiece or toupee.

Additional tips to keep your toupee looking great: 

  • Avoid wearing your hairpiece or toupee when swimming. If it’s unavoidable, use a protective leave-in conditioner and swimming cap.
  • Avoid sleeping with your hairpiece or toupee still attached.
  • Extend the usage of any products you use by lightly spritzing your toupee with water just before you plan on wearing it. This will reactivate any product you put into it earlier.

Following the above pointers should put you in the best possible position to wear your hairpiece or toupee with confidence. If you’re still on the fence about whether a toupee or hairpiece is right for your needs, or would like to know what long term hair restoration solutions are available to you.  You’re welcome to come and have a chat with a member of the Tango Hair Loss Clinic team in one of our private consultation rooms in Brisbane.

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