If you’re at a point in your hair loss that you’re looking at getting a hair piece, such as a topper, toupee or wig, you probably have some questions. During this initial research stage, it’s great to have a look online, but make sure you get personalised advice from a hair loss expert to make sure you’re getting the right hair piece and not doing any further damage.

So, what are some commonly asked questions about hair pieces?

male chemotherapy hair lossAre hair pieces bad for your hair?

When you experience hair loss, your existing hair can be very fragile. That said, a well-applied hair piece shouldn’t cause any damage, even when removing it. Things like pulling the piece off your hair forcefully, or without taking the time to undo any clips etc, can result in not only damage to the topper but also to your existing hair, so you should be careful when handling it.


Can you sleep in a hair topper or hair piece?

If your hair topper is attached to your scalp with glue, then it’s fine to sleep in, but it should be noted that this friction (of moving your head on a pillow) can increase the chance of split ends and tangling, so you have to make sure to take care of your topper as you would your own hair in these cases. If your hair topper clips in, or you wear a wig, we would not recommend sleeping in these. As well as the aforementioned issues, this can also cause damage to your existing hair as the clips will pull as you sleep.

How long will a quality hair piece last?

A quality hair piece should last you upwards of six months before it needs to be replaced with the right care and maintenance routine. If you don’t take care of the topper then of course, it won’t last as long as you would like it to – in some cases, halving the expected life of your hair topper.

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