Many people had hoped to see a cure for baldness by now, but it seems that’s still a way off. So what does 2021 hold for the future of hair loss treatments?

According to a 2014 survey by the NPD Group, 69 percent of men said that they worry about the thinness of their hair, so this conversation is relevant to a lot of people.

Unfortunately, there’s no solid information about any new developments in hair loss that are due for 2021.

So, What Hair Loss Treatments Can You Use In The Meantime?

At Tango Hair Loss Clinic, we offer a range of natural hair loss treatments that show proven results. By starting a natural treatment now, you can enjoy a full head of hair again and increase your confidence while you wait for any potential developments in treatments.

We offer treatments such as:
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Hair Regrowth Treatment

Our natural hair regrowth treatment re-stimulates the hair follicles and begins the hair cycle again. This type of treatment is good for those who have recently started losing their hair as there is a good chance the follicles are still active.


Hair Replacement Systems

In cases where the hair can’t be regrown, we will suggest a hair replacement system. These include pieces like har toppers, toupees, and hair extensions. Hair pieces like these allow you to achieve fuller, thicker hair and cover small bald patches that may be appearing.


When hair pieces aren’t enough, or you would prefer complete coverage, we can provide and style wigs to match your existing hair. Wigs offer more versatile styling and allow for a greater sense of confidence.

Whatever option you go with, you can trust Tango Hair Loss Clinic to help you regain your lost confidence. We offer personalised consultations in our private rooms so that you feel totally at ease about beginning your hair loss journey.

For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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