For women in and around Brisbane, not only is the reality of losing hair a hard one to face, the idea of having to wear a cheap, synthetic wig is not a great alternative.

Luckily, there is an alternative. At Tango Hair Loss Clinic, we supply, style, and maintain wigs of the highest quality, manufactured by Freedom Wigs in New Zealand. These wigs have many advantages over synthetic wigs, making them well worth the slightly higher price tag. Freedom Wigs are made entirely from hair donations around the world, making them a guilt-free option.

More style options

Wigs made from genuine human hair offer more styling options than synthetic wigs for a number of reasons. For starters, you can use heat styling tools with human hair wigs, such as a straightener or curling iron, which means you’re not locked into having the same overall style day-to-day. If you were to use these on a synthetic wigs, there’s a high chance that damage such as melting and breakage could occur.

You can also dye wigs made of human hair. This allows for better colour matching or making the wig look as similar to your previous hair with highlights or other styling as possible.

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More natural looking

Human hair wigs, when applied and styled properly, look much more natural than synthetic options. This also means you can part the hair wherever you want and can wear hairstyles such as ponytails, buns, and other updo’s without worrying about whether the wig will be ‘seen’.

This offers much more freedom for the wearer than other types of wigs, offering peace of mind and an assurance that the wig doesn’t look ‘obvious’.


Nicer to touch

Following on from the last point, a wig made from human hair is softer to the touch and more organic-feeling than wigs made of synthetic hair. This makes for a nicer experience day-to-day when wearing clothes that would cause your hair to touch your skin, or scenarios where you’re in close contact with another person.

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