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Feel confident with hair replacement Brisbane

It’s a sad fact that hair loss is a common problem for many Australians, both men and women. In many cases, natural therapies can revitalise hair follicles and encourage growth. However, this isn’t always possible which is why at Tango Hair Loss you can get high-quality hair replacement systems in Brisbane that look natural and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

What Is A Hair Replacement System?

Hair replacement systems, or hair pieces, include toupees, toppers and even full coverage wigs. We offer several choices for custom hair systems including synthetic or human hair, length, colour, and what base material you want your hair system made from.

Toupee hair system brisbane hair loss

 the cap of a natural-looking hair topper


These types of hair systems are typically associated with men, as they’re worn on the top of the head to conceal thinning or lost hair, however, women do wear them. They’re commonly attached with tape or glue for a semi-permanent effect.






Hair toppers are more commonly worn by ladies. They cover thinning at the crown or provide additional fullness. They use a series of clips to attach to natural hair, which also makes them easy to remove when needed.


Wigs are a lush, full coverage hair replacement option

 the cap of a natural-looking hair topper


Wigs are a full coverage hair replacement option, for both men and women. These hair systems cover thinning or baldness across the whole head, not just on the crown. A wig is arguably the quickest way to gain a full head of hair, as it doesn’t need to be coloured or trimmed to match any existing hair.

Contact Tango Hair Loss For Discrete Hair Replacement Solutions

Hair replacement systems and hair pieces are a safe, natural alternative to painful surgical solutions such as transplant. With no downtime after you put on your hair system, you’re able to live your life to the full with lush, attractive hair almost instantly.

We have several pre-made hair replacement systems available, or we can custom-make a hair system to your taste, including cut, colour and style. Custom hair systems can take several months to fully complete to the highest standard and give you the best result.

If you’re in need of custom hairpieces in Brisbane, see the experienced team at Tango Hair Loss Clinic. We’re experts in hair replacement and take our clients needs very seriously. Contact us today for a consultation in one of our private rooms.

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