Hair loss can be an embarrassing topic, and you may not always want to go out to a clinic and talk to someone. At home treatments can have a certain appeal in this way, but what really are the pros and cost of using an at home hair loss treatment?

It’s cheaper or more comfortable than going to a clinic

At home hair loss treatments are often cheaper initially than going to a clinic. However, more often than not you have to use them for longer, meaning you end up spending more over time. You might also be less nervous starting your hair loss treatment journey at home, rather than having to reveal this to someone you don’t really know.

Not as strong as clinic treatments

at home hair loss treatments aren’t as strongThe reason that at home hair loss treatments seem to be more affordable is that they’re not as strong as what the professionals use in the clinic. At Tango Hair Loss Clinic, we offer a range of treatments that can help stimulate the growth of new hair and can advise you on the method that is likely to work best for your hair type.

It may not work.

The unfortunate truth is, hair loss treatment can only work if there are hair follicles still alive in the scalp. The treatment aims to revitalise these and stimulate growth, but it doesn’t always take – which is the same if you’re using an at home treatment or in our clinic. The difference is that if you see a professional at Tango Hair Loss Clinic, we can advise you on the spot about alternatives such as hair replacement systems or wigs in one of our private consultation rooms.

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